Dell Latitude 3520 product review


Targeting customers who focus on handling basic tasks to demanding fast and powerful jobs, the Dell Latitude 3520 is the first choice for office workers, as well as today’s students. .

Time changes people, but nothing can change our view of the Dell Latitude series because the impression of it is too great. During decades of roaming in the computer market, across segments and all gaining a foothold, recently the Dell Latitude 3520 product was introduced, promising to continue to maintain and promote the name of the brand laptop line. American brand.

Luxury in the design of the Dell Latitude 3520

As the child of the Latitude family, the 3520 is easily identifiable by its high-grade plastic shell design. This is a smart choice of the American manufacturer when it comes to reducing processing costs, emphasizing the durability Dell is aiming for. Belonging to the mid-range segment, but Dell has delicately chosen a black coat to put on the Latitude 3520 – a color that elevates the luxury of the new product.

Also to emphasize the advantages of sophistication, elegance, and intelligence in design, the Lattitude 3520 weighs only 1.79kg while being 18mm thin. Users will not have any difficulty in moving with this laptop.

Performance of Dell Latitude 3520

To clarify why the Dell Latitude 3520 is so successful, it is necessary to look at the hardware equipment of the machine. Dell Latitude 3520 has at its heart an 11th generation Intel Core chip with 2 cores and 4 threads. This chip pushes performance up 20% over the previous generation while supporting 2x the graphics. To further improve performance, the Dell Latitude 3520 laptop is also equipped with an Intel UHD Graphics graphics card.

For those who like “adventure” to step outside of basic office tasks, the 3520 does not disappoint. 256GB SSD hard drive provides enough storage space, along with faster, more powerful task processing.

We are over the days of using 2 GB of RAM and being satisfied with it. Now, 4GB RAM is standard, so there’s no reason why Dell doesn’t equip the Latitude 3520 with 4GB RAM. Thanks to that, users who have the need to play around with the device and play with the application are also comfortable experimenting.

High-quality Dell Latitude 3520 monitor, enhancing the experience

The Latitude 3520 has won the hearts of many users thanks to its 15.6-inch screen, under which is a Full HD IPS panel that displays bright, true colors. In addition, users reduce eye fatigue thanks to Anti Glare anti-glare technology.

Recently, the trend of using multiple devices has also been applied by Dell to perfect the screen of the machine. With a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees thanks to Wide Viewing Angle (WVA) technology, the screen remains clear when viewed from an angle.

Full operation with keyboard and touchpad

Along with a 15.6-inch screen, Dell designed a full-size keyboard with a number cluster on the right. The backlight placed under the keys helps you work in low-light environments more conveniently.

Along with the full-size keyboard is also a large and sensitive touchpad area, which is a plus for the user-interactive experience with the computer screen.

Dell Latitude 3520 has a variety of connectivity ports

As a computer for business users and users with basic task processing needs, the Latitude 3520 is equipped with a variety of ports to meet backup and presentation needs including microSD, USB 2.0, and USB 2.0 ports. USB 3.2, USB Type C, HDMI,… next to Bluetooth 5.0 and Wifi 6 standard.

Real sound

Realtek ALC 3204 sound technology presents a powerful and lively sound source, giving you a perfect entertainment space after stressful working hours.

Durable battery life

Dell has always focused on product quality and durability. As a result, the Latitude 3520 inherits special concerns about the built-in battery. With a 3-cell 41Wh unit with excellent energy consumption, the product can work for 6 hours when fully charged.

Dell Latitude 3520 laptop price

With a sturdy design and impressive performance for office workers, the Dell Latitude 3520 has an ideal price of 15,890,000 VND and is being discounted to nearly 3 million VND, only 13,290,000 VND.


With the inheritance and promotion of the reputation and strengths of the Latitude line, the Dell Latitude 3520 has been shaping in the hearts of consumers as a product of durability, sophistication, along with performance to meet demand. office and other advanced tasks. Therefore, this product is not only loved and received by office users, but also especially sought after by young dynamic students.


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