Should you buy iPhone SE 2022? Review iPhone SE configuration


Should I buy? iPhone SE 2022 – the mid-range machine with the latest powerful performance from Apple? The answer is yes if you belong to one of the following target groups.

1. What are the advantages of iPhone SE 2022?

1. iPhone SE design

When it was first introduced, the iPhone SE 2022 This popular model has surprised many people because it does not look like the standard iPhone models released in the same period of the same year, but instead carries the design language of the iPhone 8. That means the device has angular edges. Round, soft, elegant. The product has 3 color options for you: black, white and red.

Latest iPhone SE has a 4.7-inch screen and is still the typical high-end Liquid Retina of the iPhone. This is a size smaller than a regular iPhone but overall it’s not too small, especially at this price point.

iPhone SE has the same design as iPhone 8
Machine design like iPhone 8 with Home button

2. Configuration iPhone SE 2022

The most important point, the best value for money of this smartphone is the A15 Bionic chip. It is the same processor integrated on the iPhone 13 Series last year. You can enjoy the “homemade” high-end chip of a half-bite apple without having to spend money to buy a cheap product line. At a time iPhone SE 2022 Launched, it is the most powerful chip of the brand.

Behind the back of the device is only a single camera. Although it cannot provide the ability to take pictures as good as on the regular iPhone, compared to the overall market, New iPhone SE quite stable as well. The lens has a resolution of 12MP, an aperture of f/1.8. Users can also experience new features that are also present on high-end iPhones such as Picture Styles or Smart HDR 4.

Besides, the phone also supports 5G network – the trend of the future. In terms of battery life, it is also upgraded compared to the previous generation. iPhone SE 2022 has a larger battery capacity than its predecessor, increasing from 1,821 mAh to 2,018 mAh.

iPhone SE 2022 is as strong as iPhone 13
Products like the new iPhone with more minimalist features

2. Who should buy iPhone SE 2022

1. People who have never used an iPhone

As we all know, there is a big difference between iPhone phones using Apple’s own iOS operating system compared to Android phones or other operating systems. Using iPhone has always been considered smooth, with many interesting and exclusive advantages that other operating systems do not have.

If you have never experienced iOS, buying an iPhone with a good price like the SE series is completely a reasonable choice.

2. People who have used iPhone 6,7,8 and like the old design

The fact is that not everyone loves the “backward” design of the iPhone 4 of recent iPhones. Ever since the new iPhone 11 was released, it has created a stream of controversy. Many people think that this square style is too strong and lacks elegance. If you are part of the team that likes the soft rounded corner design of the iPhone 6, 7, 8 then buy iPhone SE 2022. It is considered the iPhone 8 version, only the color is different.

For those who like rounded corners design New iPhone SE is the best option right now, instead of buying iPhone 6, 7, 8. The reason is because at present, it is almost impossible to buy a brand new old iPhone from 5, 6 years ago. but can only find second hand goods. Meanwhile, the SE model is not only new, but also has a more advanced chip and modern Apple features at the moment.

3. Those who want to upgrade iPhone features but limited budget

If you own an old iPhone like iPhone 6, 7, 8 then surely everyone has thought about “going to life”. iPhones from many years ago are no longer supported with new features and have many outdated parts. However, to buy iPhone 12, 13, not everyone is eligible to do it because it costs up to 20, 30 million VND. With almost half the price, the iPhone SE will be a much more affordable, reasonable choice.

who should buy iPhone SE 2022
Cheap but the power of the machine is not low

4. Those who already use Android and want to change to a mid-range iPhone

iPhone SE 2022 Although it is a low-cost line of Apple Defect, compared to the market, it is a high-end mid-range smartphone. If you are tired of Android phones that are not durable, then iPhone SE 2022 is a reasonable choice.

Besides should buying iPhone SE 2022 then How much is iPhone SE 2022? is also a big question of everyone who is considering buying this product. As mentioned above, the price of iPhone SE 2022 is only half of the high-end iPhone 13 models. You can refer to the price of this product at Phong Vu which is currently 11,990,000 VND copper (64GB black version).

If you are wondering should buy iPhone SE 2022 If not, the answer is yes, for those who are looking for a new iPhone but the price must still be reasonable. This is definitely an option that will not let you down.


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