Instructions on how to buy goods on display at Phong Vu up to 60% off


From May 28 to August 31, you will have the opportunity to buy liquidation technology products displayed at Phong Vu showroom, Le Van Viet branch, District 9 at extremely attractive prices, up to 60% off!

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Laptop products up to 60% off in the sale promotion in June

Coming to Phong Vu District 9, you will have the opportunity to buy good quality display products such as laptops, accessories, home appliances… at great prices, up to 60% off the original price. Not only that, you also receive accompanying gifts such as laptop bags, backpacks, coats, mouse pads, helmets, ..

Product Code (SKU): 220401926
Product Code (SKU): 220200867
Product Code (SKU): 220200848
Product Code (SKU): 220200847

Steps to buy goods on display at good prices at Phong Vu

B1: Access the list of products on display for sale at Phong Vu here

B2: Choose the product you like

Step 3: Register information with product code (sku) in this form:

B4: After registration, Phong Vu staff will contact you and assist in purchasing

Come to Phong Vu and buy goods at good prices for 1-0-2!


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