Evaluation of AKKO PC75B mechanical keyboard is worth buying or not?


Akko PC75B Year of the Tiger is a mechanical keyboard with a fancy design. There are many things you don’t know about it such as the smooth lube swith set from Akko, funny key fonts, good build quality. Please read the entire article to understand more about this year’s “extreme product” of the Akko family!

About the brand Akko

Akko is a brand from Taiwan, in the mid-range segment costs from 1 to 3 million. Although behind in the mechanical keyboard brand market, Akko is not overshadowed because they are increasingly improving in designs and producing more products that meet the needs of users.

About AKKO PC75B Plus Wireless keyboard

With the slogan “Touch the fashion”, Akko is passionately pursuing and they have succeeded in this direction. Each product is an art to please fans with versions of famous characters or games like Dragon Ball, Honkai ImPact or Luffy.

akko mechanical keyboard box

And products wireless mechanical keyboard PC75B This time is no exception, with a red keyboard cover combined with beautiful textures on the themed keycap. Year of Tiger (2022 – Tiger) has made an impression to attract users.

An upgrade in the structure of the Akko PC75B . mechanical keyboard

When holding the Akko mechanical keyboard This year you will be surprised by the Polycarbonate material because it brings durability and sturdiness but is still very comfortable to use thanks to the silicone foam case separating the circuit board from the Bottom case. Besides, a layer of ultrasonic foam and a layer of silicon switch pad help reduce ping to improve the sound when typing.

mechanical keyboard on hand akko

Mechanical Keyboard AKKO PC75B Plus Year of Tiger With a compact 75-key TKL design, it doesn’t take up too much room on your desk. With this 75% layout, the mechanical keyboard still retains almost all the important function keys such as the keys from F1 to F12 … However, for the new layout with Del, Home, Page Up key clusters, Page Down on the right will be quite new, taking you a short time to get used to.

Switch and Hot-swap for those who are passionate about “assembly”

For those who are just starting to play mechanical keys and have a preference for custom, this is a great choice for you to start practicing. Because the Switch part is hot-swap style so you can easily replace the switch to suit your preferences.

AKKO has been very fond of this Year Of Tiger version when all keys are already lube when you buy it. Bringing a more perfect smooth keyboard when reducing the pressure of the hand, helping to limit hand fatigue when used for a long time.

The quality of each keycaps on the AKKO PC75B Plus Year of Tiger keyboard

akko mechanical keyboard keycaps

The beauty of the car Akko PC75B premium keyboard Not to be missed when its “first look” comes from the unique keycap set. High-quality PBT material combined with Dye-Subbbed printing technology so that textures and characters can be printed more deeply into the keycap. Choosing this method is to let Akko’s keyboard with many textures have a long grip, but also make it brighter.

Brilliant RGB LEDs on 75% layout

A plus point on the AKKO PC75B Plus Year of Tiger Wireless Keyboard is the extremely brilliant RGB Led system when equipped with vivid lighting effects. More specifically, this system can be adjusted thanks to the exclusive AKKO Cloud software. Users can easily adjust it to suit their personal preferences. In addition, the case is also designed through LED to create maximum conditions for the shining needs of the car mechanical keyboard AKKO when working in the evening more impressive.

Akko PC75B is equipped with a huge amount of 3000mAh, you can safely use the keyboard without having to worry about charging problems. The LED status will show the remaining percentage of the keyboard:

  • Red LED -> battery below 30%
  • Orange LED -> battery at 30% – 50%
  • Purple LED -> battery at 50% – 70%
  • Yellow LED -> battery at 70% – 90%
  • Green LED -> battery at 90% – 100%

If not in use, you can quickly turn off this RGB LED system easily just by using the Fn + L key combination.

Connection port of Akko PC75B

connection of mechanical keyboard akko

The compatibility of the Akko PC75B keyboard is almost perfect because Akko has equipped with 3 connection types on the keyboard: Bluetooth, Wireless, or Type-C. When using 3 devices at the same time and switching between devices will be done quickly with just a key combination (Fn + …)

The feeling of typing on the Akko PC75B Year of the Tiger keyboard

With this version you will have 2 versions of AKKO CS Wine Red switch and AKKO CS Silver switch, both already lubricated. With Silver, it is Akko’s fastest switch, short key travel suitable for those who play games, or like to type text faster.

Conclusion: should buy Akko PC75B keyboard?

If you need a key with a compact, easy-to-carry layout, good build quality with a cheerful, prosperous look. Combining the ability to optimize use up to many devices, well compatible with Win/Mac/Android/iOS then mechanical keyboard AKKO PC75B 2022 Year of the Tiger is the choice for you.

However, the volume scroll button is covered with a layer of high-quality spray-painted metal, but it is easy to scratch and the company has also recommended this problem, so you need to be careful when using it.


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